GPO Affiliations & Contracts

Created to allow healthcare providers to leverage their purchasing power, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) are single entities that represent thousands of end users.

A GPO allows its members to obtain discounted pricing based on this collaborative buying power. The world of navigating through GPO contracts can be daunting for an independent distributor. NDC is here to help.

Not only do NDC members receive best-in-class pricing, members also gain access to rebates and additional discounts after signing up with any of our GPO partners through our Contracts & Rebates department.

GPO Affiliations

NDC currently has relationships with all of the major Group Purchasing Organizations in the industry:

Intalere (formerly Amerinet)

With offices in Pittsburgh, Providence, St. Louis and Salt Lake City, Intalere collaborates with acute and non-acute care providers, including hospitals, surgery centers, long-term care facilities, clinics and doctor offices.


MedAssets serves 180 health systems, 4,200 hospitals and 122,000 non-acute healthcare providers, as well as payers and healthcare information technology vendors. The company is headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga., with office locations in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas and Washington.


MediGroup is the nation’s largest group purchasing organization for physician offices, surgical centers and specialty clinics. With more than 20,000 healthcare facilities, 100,000 physicians and 250,000 health care employees, MediGroup allows its members to practice like a physician and purchase like a hospital. MediGroup is purpose built to partner with medical distributors to provide superior service and solutions to non-acute healthcare customers.

Vizient (formerly Novation)

Vizient is a supply chain organization that represents the largest purchasing volume in the industry with more than $40 billion in annual purchases.

Vizient serves the purchasing needs of approximately 65,000 members and affiliates nationwide in the non-acute market.

  • Provista is a supply chain improvement company dedicated to helping more than 80,000 members in the non-acute healthcare, education and corporate markets to improve their financial and operational performance.
  • VHA is a member-based healthcare network, with a focus on the acute care market. VHA has 12 regional offices and is headquartered in Irving, Texas.
  • UHC is an alliance of 120 academic medical centers and 307 of their affiliated hospitals representing the nation’s leading academic medical centers.
  • Children’s Hospital Association, formed in 2011, brings together the strengths and talents of three organizations: National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI), National Association of Children’s Hospitals (NACH) and Child Health Corporation of America (CHCA). The Children’s Hospital Association has offices in Virginia and Kansas.

NuEdge Alliance, LLC

NuEdge Alliance, LLC is a proprietary affiliate GPO exclusively for independent distributors. Leveraging the largest network of independent distributors in North America, NuEdge provides best in class solutions & pricing.

Competitive Pricing

You asked, we listened. Our member distributors wanted access to the same competitive pricing as national competitors. NDC developed relationships with GPOs on behalf of our member distributors and now provides equal competitive access to thousands of GPO-contracted products.

Contracts & Rebates Web Portal

Reporting sales tracing and rebate documentation can be cumbersome. That’s why NDC developed a proprietary web portal for our member distributors.

Our Contracts & Rebates web portal is a robust management tool to help our member distributors navigate the complex field of GPOs and contracts.

The portal provides our members with:

  • Access to a dynamic database, allowing you quick and easy access to GPO contract information.
  • Easy submission for sales trace and rebate documentation. Simply upload your information in a convenient spreadsheet format. Once the rebate has been validated and processed, you receive credit directly to your account.
  • Special features including member rosters, contract export scheduler and sales trace batch lookup.

If you purchase products through the NDC warehouse, once the required sales administration agreement has been submitted and approved, you are eligible to process your contracts and rebates through our program.

Manufacturers and Regional Contracts

GPOs aren’t the only contracts a distributor has to navigate. NDC also negotiates and maintains manufacturing contracts on behalf of our distribution network. We then pass along that best-in-class pricing down to our distributors.

In addition, we administer hundreds of local and regional contracts specific to end-user healthcare providers.