Business Intelligence

As a healthcare manufacturer, having access to real-time data and reporting is extremely important to your company’s success.

NDC offers its manufacturing partners complete traceability of product sales downstream through the supply chain.

Data is available either online or through automated reporting in either Microsoft Excel or EDI. We’ll show you how your products are moving through distribution in both summary and detail. And by detail, we mean detail. We’ll show you all the way down to the invoice line-item level, not the ZIP Code summary information many other distributors provide.

Depending on the relationship, we may be able to provide sales tracings to the end user and ship-to data.

Demand Forecasting

While demand is continually variable, NDC can provide manufacturers with an inventory planning report. The report will show you what we have on-hand, on sales order and on purchase order positions by SKU, as well as forecasted demand.

Inventory Performance

Critical to supply chain success is constant monitoring of how inventory is performing. We’ll keep track of slow-moving inventory, back orders, short dating, inventory turns and managing recalls as well as other compliance-related issues.

Web Access

NDC provides its manufacturing partners access to an exclusive, password-protected portal. The manufacturers’ portal is your gateway to access many of your business intelligence tools. Accurate sales data is updated as it is invoiced daily. That means you don’t have to wait for month-end reports.