Meetings & Events

As a manufacturing partner, NDC offers you an abundance of opportunities to showcase your company, products and services at our annual meetings and events.

These meetings provide an expanded crossover audience of prospective customers and decision-makers, enabling you increased visibility and access to quality leads. NDC also believes that networking is extremely important. That’s why our manufacturers are invited to all functions, so you can have additional time with your customers.

Advertising & Sponsorship

Exhibit Space

How much does it cost you to make one sales call? Exhibiting at NDC shows will save you time and money by allowing you to meet with distributors from across the country face-to-face. Staking your claim to exhibit space allows you to introduce new products, generate leads and open doors for personal sales calls in front of a large audience of attendees.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Official show sponsorships are designed to increase brand and product awareness. They can further enhance your presence among hundreds of exhibitors with additional exposure throughout the meetings.

Packages can often be customized to fit your specific needs.

Pre-Show Advertising

Prior to each event, NDC compiles an extensive marketing campaign to bring our member distributors from across the country to the event. If you are interested in putting your company’s name out there before the event, we can work with you on a one-on-one basis to assist in increasing your show traffic.

Meetings & Events

NDC offers a variety of meetings with specific focus on medical, dental and physical therapy.

NDC Exhibition

The NDC Exhibition offers an abundance of opportunities to showcase your company, products and services to those who work in both acute and non-acute markets. You will have the opportunity to sell to hundreds of qualified leads in a one-day trade show while educating your target audience on the value of your products.

This meeting also provides additional occasions to network, connect with your current customers and identify potential new partnerships with distributors, as well as strong educational programs.

NDC Dental Forum

Meet face-to-face with key decision makers during two days of business reviews, project development, and networking with NDC dental distributors. These meetings allow you to meet privately with distributors so that you can discuss topics ranging from new product offerings to new opportunities and target areas.

NDC MOtion1 Sales Meeting

The NDC MOtion1 Sales Meeting has been designed in a way that you may participate in many different ways. This meeting, which focuses on the physical therapy and rehab markets, encompasses small group interactive training, a trade show, networking as well as entertainment. These options allow you to customize your approach in your participation.

Education & Training

In addition to our annual meetings, NDC can provide manufacturers with the opportunity to partner with us for unique educational events for our member distributors.

NDC University

Are you launching a new product line? Does your product require detailed instruction to explain to potential end users? NDC University provides you with the unique opportunity to provide information in a face-to-face setting. By partnering with you, we are able to offer intense training on your brand and products.