Marketing Services

NDC offers its manufacturing partners a multitude of opportunities to increase marketing exposure to our expansive member distributor network.

Our marketing packages and advertising programs offer proactive and innovative initiatives to connect you with our distributors over multiple market segments, giving you the exposure you need to drive sales.

They’re insightful and dynamic and allow you to increase your market share.

Tiered Marketing Packages

Our tiered packages include a variety of exposure opportunities with a wide flexibility in price points to deliver your message to our distributor network as well as their end-user customers.


This top tier provides our manufacturers the opportunity to work directly with our distributors year-round. Through a complete array of promotions, offers and sales opportunities, you’ll have an enhanced opportunity to bring attention to your company and products. In addition, the NDC sales team will assist you throughout the year during member visits and through NDC training programs.


Designed for key manufacturers, this package includes a variety of marketing programs throughout the year. In addition, the NDC sales team will work with you and provide focused support for a defined period of time to both identify and achieve mutual sales goals.


This package provides a select offering of marketing programs, designed to help improve the exposure of your company and increase excitement for your products throughout the year.

Exhibition Plus

By reserving your booth at the NDC International Exhibition, you have the opportunity to save on select marketing programs available on an individual basis.

Advertising Programs

NDC provides the opportunity for its manufacturers to promote products through a variety of advertising vehicles. With the perfect blend of technology, innovation and convenience, you will have the ability to expand your reach and accelerate your growth while increasing brand awareness.


Our member distributors have the ability to download print-ready PDFs or request a custom ad from NDC Creative Services. By participating in this program, you can have full-page ads of your products featured in our online library bank.

In addition, NDC distributors have recently been given the opportunity to using ads in the online library bank to advertise your products in their printed catalogs. There are co-op cash opportunities as well to incentivize distributors to select your ads, offsetting their printing costs when minimum quantities are met.


The NDC iNsider is a distributor-focused magazine. It’s an essential communication tool to announce new programs, products, promotions and upcoming events to distributors. Advertisements are available within this magazine. In addition, there is an opportunity to publish educational articles in the magazine for additional exposure or a sales-focused message.


Our manufacturers’ products and photos are featured in our printed catalogs, which are offered in a variety of specialties and available for distributors to customize.

Full and half-page ads are also available for additional exposure. The online, digital edition of our catalogs links your ad to your website.

Product Reference Guides

Our market-specific guides are designed to bring focus and create new sales opportunities in untapped markets. By featuring your key products in these guides, distributors have the ability to select them for inclusion in custom mini-catalogs that are created and distributed throughout the year.

Website Banners

Banner ads on NDC’s distributor portal, available only to our member distributors, receive more than 5,000 weekly views. Promote new products or special offers with a banner that can link either directly to the pertinent information or your company’s website.