Increasing sales is one of the highest priorities for healthcare product manufacturers.

At NDC, we have the ability to help you grow your market share and promote your products. As an NDC manufacturing partner, you have the opportunity for increased visibility to the largest network of healthcare distributors in North America.

Our experienced field-based sales team works directly with our network of more than 1,400 distributors to support your initiatives year-round and encourage participation in offered programs. Key account managers and customer service representatives also interact with our distributors daily.

Customized Vendor Programs

We have multiple vendor programs available, including a warehouse solution as well as a vendor direct program. Both of these can be fully customized to meet your needs and increase sales.

Market Growth and Expansion

The healthcare market is fragmented and can be difficult to reach. By partnering with NDC, you have the ability to easily expand into new markets by taking advantage of our expansive network.

Our distributor network spans the entire continuum of healthcare in North America and includes more than 1,400 distributors and 2,200 field-based representatives. Together, we can deliver your products anywhere and anytime, at any unit of measure.

Product Promotion

By aligning the NDC sales team with your sales and marketing initiatives, you can drive incremental growth opportunities.