MedChain Supply

MedChain Supply is a low-unit of measure fulfillment solution that provides distributors and manufacturers with a competitive edge.

  • Grow product offering without increasing inventory
  • Improve service levels
  • Enhance sales opportunities and expand reach

End-User Fulfillment

Allow NDC to serve as your virtual warehouse with our end-user fulfillment program, shipping to your customers on your behalf. NDC has invested in the technology to improve the order process and inventory to streamline order fulfillment.

How it Works: Your customer. Your Sale.

  • Place order through MedChain Supply
  • NDC picks/packs the customer’s order
  • Order ships directly to customer
  • Opportunity for custom inserts inside package!

Low Unit of Measure

NDC understands that there are some products that don’t necessarily require holding a full case of inventory. Or maybe you have a customer that doesn’t need a full case of product. Our low unit of measure capabilities solve those issues for you. We can drop ship these less-than-case inventory items to your end customer on the same day you receive your order. This is not only convenient for your customers, but it also reduces your risk of short-dated product.