Our Solutions

Since 1953, NDC has been a leading global provider of both upstream and downstream healthcare supply chain products and support services.

NDC supports independent healthcare distributors as well as healthcare product manufacturers to better serve local market needs. NDC enhances your marketing and sales initiatives through efficient distribution, sales training, contract and rebate processing, customized promotions and results-driven marketing plans.

Distribution & Logistics

Decrease your costs and improve your efficiency.

Whether you’re a healthcare manufacturer or a distributor of healthcare products, distribution and logistics are extremely important to your business ... but they also can be expensive and complex. NDC can help decrease your operating costs, increase your operational efficiency and improve your customer service through our sophisticated distribution and logistics capabilities. We can customize a solution specifically for you and your business needs. We even have low unit of measure and end-user fulfillment options through MedChain Supply. Additionally, our MedChain Logistics® branded 3PL solutions can be tailored to your company's specific needs.

Sales & Marketing Support

Partner with us and grow your sales.

Need help in creating unique programs and strategies for your sales team? Our experienced and highly-skilled marketing professionals and field-based sales force will work with you to develop a strategy to increase your sales.

Rebate Processing

Save time and money by entrusting NDC to process your rebates.

Rebates are time consuming, keeping track of all the paperwork and filing to the proper locations. Allow us to help you with that process. Our Contract Administration department has the experience and tools — including our proprietary Sales Administration System (SAMS) — to manage contracts and rebates on behalf of our distributor and manufacturer customers.

GPO Affiliations

Leverage our affiliations with major organizations in the healthcare market.

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) play a major role in the healthcare supply industry. NDC has agreements with all of the major GPOs, which are available for you to access when you partner with us. Our agreements can help you get a foot in the door with new customers and grow your business with existing customers.

Technology Solutions

Capitalize on our investments in technology to meet your need.

Staying on top of technological trends is important to your business in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re looking to create webinars or even launch an e-commerce strategy, NDC’s highly skilled information technology professionals focus on creating the right technology tools to meet your needs.

Business Intelligence Tools

Information is power.

At NDC, we understand just how critical business intelligence is to your bottom line. As a partner with us, you have the ability to leverage our data through our secure portals to gain access to information to help you make more informed decisions.