As an NDC partner, you understand the power of being part of a unified supply chain. Now, we’re asking you to become part of the conversation that will help define this message via social media.

To take part in the discussion, submit a short (15 - 20 sec.) video statement using the word “power” to summarize what it means for your company to be part of the NDC distribution network. Share your stories of distributors, manufacturers and GPOs working together to protect the quality of patient care. Comments on overall benefits or specific anecdotes are equally welcome. Don’t forget to incorporate the word “power” into your video.

Video Format

Your video may be recorded on a smartphone or camera and uploaded as an AVI, MP4 or MOV format. When recording video on a phone, please hold the phone horizontally (–) instead of vertically (|) for better results in the final project. Also, please do not add music or other sound effects to the soundtrack.

Video Submission

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