Data Consolidation

To better serve both our Group Purchasing Organization partners and our distributors, NDC has developed a proprietary software platform to simplify and consolidate distributor data.

This data is then submitted electronically directly into our system, saving everyone time and valuable resources.

Contracts & Rebates

NDC also maintains a single Contract & Rebates web portal that our distributors can conveniently access to gain all of the important information required to engage with your contract and healthcare organization and provider customers. Within the portal, distributors are able to:

  • Upload monthly reporting data
  • Search and download information relevant to manufacturing contracts
  • Educate themselves using your marketing materials and contracts

This portal is protected by a username and password, allowing secure and exclusive access to NDC member distributors.

Sales Tracing Analysis

NDC will help streamline the reporting and fee process for your organization. We roll-up all of the required sales information into one convenient report, fully customizing it to your formatting and reporting requirements. We also will pay one administration fee on behalf of our participating distributors.

In addition, NDC maintains a cross-referenced file, linking manufacturing and GPO product identifications.