Contracts & Rebates

Contracts & rebates can be complicated and time consuming.

From contract administration to rebate processing and sales trace submittals, there can be a great deal of data to record and maintain.

NDC can help you streamline this process. We have developed a consolidated platform to handle all of those contracting process issues on behalf of our member distributors. Our unique position in the supply chain allows us to help you reach a segmented marketplace and streamline the processing of contract data.

Consolidated Reporting

On a monthly basis, NDC receives rebate and sales trace data from hundreds of individual distribution companies and centers. We consolidate this data and provide you with one single report to process through your contracting system, reducing the resources required to process data from our distributors.

In addition, NDC handles all rebate payments which can help reduce your accounts payable/accounts receivable functions.

Protect & Grow Market Share

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, NDC will work with you to help protect and grow market share. Our ability to manage contract access across market segments is a significant benefit to our manufacturing partners.

NDC distributors sell into a variety of markets including acute care, alternate site, long-term care, home healthcare, hospice, dental, industrial and even veterinary. NDC’s contracts and rebates services make managing contracts and pricing across a wide variety of segments easier.

Contract Pricing to Multiple Markets

NDC’s consolidated contracting system allows us to manage complicated pricing structures based on tiers, market segments and/or end-use customers. The secure system protects the integrity of your pricing.

Rebate Reconciliation

NDC provides its manufacturers with a single report that consolidates all of the required data for rebate processing from our member distributors.

This report encompasses all of our customer ship-to locations. In addition, you will have one point of contact to resolve any rebate issues. NDC takes on the AP/AR functions to help reduce your resource requirements.