Promotions & Incentives

If you’re looking to go above and beyond the traditional marketing or advertising programs, NDC also offers a number of product promotion and sales incentive opportunities.

By offering a customized, multi-level promotion with incentives for the distributor, sales representative and end user, you can encourage distributors to focus on your products.

NDC will handle all reconciliation, payouts and annual accounting. You receive the end-user sales trace data you need.

It’s a powerful way to build field support and gain exposure for your brand and products.


VIPER is an exclusive sales incentive program offered to NDC member distributors.

There are three components within the program: VIPER, VIPER Plus and VIPER Direct. All three components are designed to allow NDC distributors the opportunity to earn cash incentives for year-over-year growth.

VIPER is the primary component and is completely funded by NDC.

VIPER Plus and VIPER Direct are supplemental components, offered by a number of our manufacturing partners to “sweeten the pot” for mutual customers. These supplemental components offer you the opportunity to gain increased focus and attention from NDC distributors as they look for ways to improve their profitability.

NDC handles the administration of the entire program. Distributors receive one check for all three components at our annual Exhibition.

Quarterly Promotions

NDC offers three quarterly promotion programs which will feature your products to NDC distributors in specific healthcare markets.

Market Match targets NDC medical distributors.
Dental Deals targets NDC dental distributors.
ProMOtion1 targets NDC physical therapy and rehab distributors.

You can design your promotion to reach multiple levels with incentives for the distributor, the sales rep and the end-user/medical provider. NDC supports the distributor with complementary and customized PDF sales flyers featuring your products.

Cash Cow / Rep Incentives

The Cash Cow program simplifies the reconciliation and payout of rep incentives earned through participation in the Market Match program. Incentives can be paid to individual reps or to the distributor. You will receive consolidated, end-user sales trace data for your approval prior to incentive payouts.