Financial & Operational Solutions

As a manufacturing partner with NDC, you have the opportunity to streamline your processes and market your product to a robust distributor network.

NDC also offers a strong set of financial and operational solutions to you as well. Through NDC, you can effectively reduce your overall credit risk, improve operational efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Mitigated Credit Risk

By working with NDC, you can lessen or nearly eliminate credit risk. Because we buy your products and resell them to independent medical, dental, physical therapy and veterinary distributors across North America, your credit risk stops with us.

This will likely also improve your days sales outstanding (DSOs). Founded in 1953, NDC has a proven financial track record of paying our bills on time and in full.

Customer Service

Because NDC takes over the relationships with your distributors, all general customer service becomes our responsibility. Instead of having to maintain sufficient staffing to field calls from thousands of distributors regarding product availability, pricing and shipment status, NDC will handle those information requests. We have a team of seasoned customer service representatives and will take care of your customers.

Consolidation/Financial Management

Through one relationship with NDC, you can account for significant volumes of business without losing visibility to where your products are ultimately shipped. NDC provides you with real-time sales reporting to be used for detailed sales analysis and sales commission calculations.

We also have a robust rebate contract administration system, allowing you to reduce internal resources devoted to this area.

Transaction Costs

When you turn your supply chain management over to NDC, we can lessen or eliminate costs in everything from processing purchase orders to outbound shipping.

NDC has developed a diverse distributor customer base and has mastered the concept of serving many small distributors effectively on your behalf. We will maintain and serve your customer relationships with complete transparency, allowing you to reduce costs in communicating and keeping up with those direct relationships.

Imagine the difference each week between processing thousands of purchase orders from hundreds of distributors and processing one or two purchase orders with NDC.

Or, imagine the difference between shipping full truckloads to NDC at a greatly reduced cost, compared to shipping thousands of less than trailer load (LTL) and parcel shipments across the country. In many cases, we can cut a manufacturer’s outbound freight costs in half.