Distribution & Logistics

Imagine having the ability to consolidate thousands of small purchase orders into one single order and shipment.

NDC’s distribution and logistics solutions can make that a reality. Healthcare product manufacturers that partner with NDC have the ability to ship product to NDC’s distribution center, with more than 1,400 distribution points per week. Through our distribution network, we have the ability to reach more than 90 percent of the continental United States within two business days.

That means you can spend less time on distribution and more time focusing on what you do best – manufacturing products that transform the healthcare industry.

Vendor Programs

Manufacturers that partner with NDC have the ability to ship product in full truckloads to NDC. We take that shipment and break it down into less-than-truckload (LTL) or parcel shipments. It’s a simple and powerful way to reduce your handling costs and improve your margins. Our rationalization, warehouse and vendor direct programs are fully customizable to your needs.

End User Fulfillment

A specialty division of NDC, MedChain Supply is designed to streamline distribution for low unit of measure and end-user fulfillment situations. It allows distributors within our network to grow their product offerings without having to increase inventory, allowing both the distributor and the manufacturer to grow business and improve service.

Operational Savings

Utilizing the NDC distribution network can improve your supply chain efficiency and increase your margins.

By aggregating order demand for more than 1,400 distribution points, we can help smooth out your demand curve and improve your forecasting.

And because you have the ability to increase your order size and reduce the number of outbound shipments you process weekly, we can reduce your costs in material handling, shipping, customer service and accounting.