Market Solutions

As a Group Purchasing Organization, you have a vast network of healthcare organization and provider customers that you need to service on a daily basis.

NDC offers its GPO partners the flexibility and efficiency that working with a network requires. We understand. We just happen to be a large network ourselves.

Our partnership allows you to have access to our vast distributor network. What distributors are in areas where you serve healthcare organization and provider customers? Can you help connect an NDC member distributor to a market where you’re in need of a more robust and reliable distributor?

Remember, when you work with one of our distributors, you’re not only getting the localized attention that your healthcare organization and provider customers deserve. You’re also getting the attention of our robust national network, including our strong partnerships with more than 400 manufacturers as well as the fulfillment flexibility that NDC provides.

NDC is an efficient way to reach out to a large number of distributors. Ask us today how we can help you connect with our member distributors to help your healthcare organization and provider customers.